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See below for Tori's laugh out loud, London Loving, romantic comedy series:

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Kissing Frogs

What would you do if your mother advertised for a date for you, on digital-billboards across the London underground system, using a photo only a mother could love and a caption that begged ‘Date My Daughter (please)’? 

Kate Turner gets arrested for vandalism and then blackmailed by her mother and childhood nemesis Mark, into a “serious” two-month hunt for a boyfriend.


It’s turning into mission impossible. She can’t rely on the Underground posters. All she gets from them is a stalker and banned from the underground.

Seven weeks of trying every legal method of getting a boyfriend known to womankind and she finally meets Mr Perfect... but is he Mr Right?

* ​Kissing Frogs is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy highlighting the often-hilarious perils of modern dating.

Authors Disclaimer: No frogs were harmed in the making of this novel.


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The Meri Scott Show

What do you do when you walk in on your boyfriend of seven years having sex with another woman? Whatever it takes to get revenge.

Meri Scott, award-winning straight talking chat show host finds dealing with her problems isn't as easy as dealing with her guests' issues.

She's on the brink of breaking into the US Chat Show circuit and walking a tenuous line between sane and legal and… not. An arrest for stalking or harassment wouldn’t be a good career move, but the positive benefits of meting out a little well-deserved revenge cannot be under-estimated.

The Meri Scott Show is a romantic comedy with side serving of well deserved revenge.

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Harriet “Hari” Rawlinson has an IQ that puts her in the genius category, she’s a computer coding phenomenon and Karate Gold Medallist. But she doesn’t understand people or nuance and she personifies socially awkward.


From the moment he meets her, Cameron “Cam” Foster is captivated by Hari, with her plain speaking, mental fixations and head full of facts, she is like a human Siri. He sees her - All of her - And can’t imagine not having her in his life and can happily spend the rest of his life getting to know her.


Hari’s never had a real relationship. Sex, yes. But a man who wanted to get to know her or stick around after sex? No. She is in the middle of a personal crisis: She only has twelve days before her sexual expiry; it’s true, she read it in a magazine. She doesn’t have time to get to know Cam right now.


Somehow, whilst Hari is fixated on having a one-night stand, she finds herself with a real-life boyfriend. But what if she doesn’t have whatever it takes to make a relationship work in the long term?

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